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School Counseling Mission

The mission of the school counseling program is to provide a comprehensive, developmental counseling program addressing the academic, career and personal/social development of all students. Counselors will work with educators, parents or guardians, and the community to facilitate a support system, ensuring that all students at Pathways Academy of Technology and Design are prepared to perform at the highest level and become contributing members of society.

Who is my School Counselor?

Students with Last names A-L

Ms. Kim Bennett

Phone: 860-695-9495


Students with Last names M-Z

Ms. Christine Chamberland

Phone: 860-695-9453


What can your School Counselor do for you?

  • Provide individual planning sessions and classroom guidance lessons to students in the areas of academic planning and success, career awareness and social/emotional development in accordance with planned objectives for grade level.

  • Conduct structured, goal-oriented counseling sessions in systematic response to identified needs of groups of children. Themes include: academic skill building, social skill development, career awareness, conflict resolution, family issues, making healthy choices, etc.

  • Provide information and skills to parents, school staff, administration and the community to assist them in helping students in academic, career and personal/social development.

  • Take a leadership role in the infusion of counseling content into the curriculum, staff development and parent education programs.

  • Assist parents in addressing school related problems and issues. Refer students and their parents, as needed, to appropriate specialists, special programs and/or outside agencies.

  • Inform students and their parents as to pertinent test results and their implications for educational and career planning.

  • Promote the liaison and coordination of school activities and resources and communicate between and among home, school, community agencies and business and industry.

  • Plan and coordinate programs such as career and college fairs, scholarships, and other extensions of the counseling curriculum.

  • Design, deliver, evaluate and revise a planned sequential and developmentally appropriate school counseling curriculum to include lessons in academic success, career awareness and planning and personal/social growth and understanding.

  • Systematically develop and evaluate planning for high school and post high school on an annual basis through individual planning which results in a written career/educational plan for each student.

  • Plan, implement, maintain and evaluate the systems necessary for the support, maintenance and improvement of the school counseling program.

  • Articulate the school counseling program to students, parents, teachers staff and community.

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